Song Summary - Mid October

I have a day off from College on Thursday's. That's a good thing. That means I have time to fill you in with my favorite songs of the week . I find plenty each week, so I'll try & do this every Thursday. Don't hold me to that though. These are not neccesarily new songs, yes some of them may be new releases, but some of them may be album tracks or b-sides which are years old. It's just what I happen to have been listening to and thought, "THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT THIS". Well, maybe not the world, but the 3 people reading this post maybe. Hi Mum.

So, we start with #3... The Overtones - Runaround Sue

I've been a big fan of The Overtones since their debut album. I admire their attempt to bring doo-wop, soul & plenty of other 50's/60's genres back into the mainstream with a contemporary style & I think they do a bloody good job at it! I love boyband style harmonies, & to hear a song from the 50's done with them just ticks far too many good boxes for me. The song was originally done by Dion & The Belmonts, & it was a rather big hit 50 odd years ago. This is the  album version & it's nice to see all the lads having a go at taking a lead vocal. The track can be found on The Overtones new album "Higher" which can be bought from iTunes now.

And next we have #2... Lawson - Standing In The Dark

Lawson are going to be the next big thing. There, I said it. If there is one act I feel could have success without gaining an army of haters (let's call it Bieber-Direction syndrome) it's Lawson. They'd probably be described best as pop-rock leaning over to the left much more than the right. They've been together 3 years & their debut album "Chapman Square" comes out on October 22nd. Since hearing the previous 2 singles (which are incredible by the way!) I was excited for the album. But, after this, I need the album NOW. It's a catchy little number about an ex-girlfriend who is now with someone else. But lead vocalist/lyricist Andy knocked it out of the park with this one. I'm seeing this as a VEVO promoted video at the minute, so, let's hope it goes far! The track can be pre-ordered on it's EP here & you can pre-order the album which it also features on here!

Finally, we have #1... Olly Murs - TroubleMaker (feat. Flo Rida).

UPDATE - Someone removed Flo Rida from the song. How considerate of them.

Okay, first let's forget that Flo Rida exists. Okay, smell the roses? Great. Now you can appreciate this song for the pure brilliance that it is. Yes, it sounds like Maroon 5. Yes, it's made for the American market like a hamburger. Yes, Flo Rida was put on it to make it more successful. But it's so damn catchy I don't give a damn. That chorus has been stuck in my head all week. That doesn't often happen to me. So, it must be special. I won't lie, in structure it's just a commercial pop song. But, damn, it's a very catchy commercial pop song.

So, there we have it. My favourite songs for the week. Tell me what you think of them below, & I'll see you next week!