Album Summary - End Of October

So, I failed to do the weekly album reviews and single reviews that I said I would do. I know. I'm sorry, but I just don't have the time. So, instead, I'll just do early, mid and end of month summary's. That keeps the pressure off me, and will also give you more wonderful music to enjoy!

So, we've had quite a few big releases this week. My most anticipated being Lawson's debut album "Chapman Square" which is so good I'm doing a full write up on it. But, that does mean that the other releases that week haven't necessarily won me over. To find out what I think of Delta Goodrem, Reece Mastin and Taylor Swift's new albums, read the next few paragraphs!


Delta Goodrem - Child Of The Universe

I'll point this out now. I've never listened to a Delta Goodrem record before. I'm only familiar with her for her brilliant duets with Brian McFadden. For some reason, I never felt inclined to check out her own material. Her new album just came out, I liked the lead single, so I bought her album. Again, this was on a whim. And, it's definitely different to what I was expecting. I was expecting a heavy country vibe, an album populated with basic guitar/piano ballad's. I was very wrong. The production on this album is incredible!

There are a lot of eerie soundscapes, orchestral backdrops and interesting electronic production on these tracks. The complete opposite of what I was expecting. Opening/title track "Child Of The Universe" kicks things off to a great start with Delta's voice soaring over an incredible orchestra which doesn't let down throughout the entire song. It's pretty much all GO from the off with this album, which should make it right up my street. Unfortunately, I just don't like Delta's voice. I'm not saying she isn't technically capable, I mean, man she has a set of pipes on her, I just find her tone a bit dreary at times, and it can easily get lost in the epic instrumentals. Sorry.

Score - 7/10 - Check Out - "Child Of The Universe"


Reece Mastin - Beautiful Nightmare

So. I'd heard Mastin's name plenty of time before. But had no idea who he was. A few weeks ago a friend of mine played me "Rock$tar" by him & I was hooked. "Rock$tar" is a catchy, clever little song about becoming a rockstar (you'd never have guessed) but it was a fun little pop song. So, I found that he released a debut album after he came off his talent competition (I try not to bring them up, I want to judge an artist as an artist) but it was full of covers. I skipped that one.

Now we're at his first proper album, "Beautiful Nightmare". It's erm, fun. Fun is the best way to describe it. I'm confused how Mastin got so far in a singing competition, because I personally don't think he has a good voice at all. But, it does have a distinct tone, girls love him & he has a persona that is very likeable. So, forgetting about the fact that his voice seems to stick to one tone throughout the album, is it any good? Well, actually, yeah. It is. It's catchy pop rock. "Rock$tar" is still my favorite track on the album by far, but all the tracks have something about them that intrigues me. Title track "Beautiful Nightmare", "Dirty Paradise" & "Shut Up & Kiss Me" could all be popular singles if marketed to the right crowd, but I think that's my problem. He reminds me of early 00's pop-rock, not modern day pop. But, I suppose with stuff like One Direction dominating the charts, he stands a chance! I look forward to his second proper album.

Score - 8/10 - Check Out - "Rock$tar"


Taylor Swift - RED

Taylor Swift's "Speak Now" was an incredible record for me. There was variation, sweet little acoustic numbers (see "Ours") and fierce pop-rock numbers (see "Better Than Revenge"). So, I should be diving at the opportunity to review Taylor's new album right? I should be raving about how brilliant it is... Well, I would have if I hadn't fell asleep whilst listening to it. Sorry Taylor.

Look, Taylor has never been a pioneer of upbeat dance numbers, I understand that. And in all honesty, that's not what I'm commenting on. I'm more focused on how bland this record is for a Taylor Swift album. Every track on "Speak Now" had something about it. Whether it was "Mine" making me feel all sentimental, or "Haunted" making me feel angst. There was always something there. I've tried listening to the album in order, and on shuffle, to catch any hidden gems. But, I'm afraid there aren't any. Pair that with the fact that you have snooze-inducers Ed Sheeran and that bloke from Snow Patrol on here and you have the perfect recipe for a lullaby album if nothing more. Let's not talk about "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together". We'll just pretend that doesn't exist. 

Score - 6/10 - Check Out - "Stay Stay Stay"


Well, that's it for another week. I'm disapointed that I dislike the new Taylor Swift album so much. But, the fact that Lawson's debut album is so bloody good makes up for it. So, I'm off to listen to it & bask in the British rainshine. See you in a few weeks!